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A sonically entrancing live act, Kate Young (& string quintet) encompasses folk, world and classical elements.

“Blimey…amazing stuff” Brian Eno 

With music originally commissioned by Celtic Connections, this rich and divergent string quintet incorporates folk, chamber and pop influences, who perform a series of songs largely inspired by traditional uses of medicinal plants.   

  Over the last years Kate has developed her interests in British plantlore and folktales, weaving them into songs and compositions as a means to perpetuate and empower traditions at high risk of being lost. In 2016 she completed a suite of pieces around the theme of the natural world. Her response – a complete repertoire of songs inspired by British medicinal plants, set to string quintet including harp, double bass and percussion, and was met with wide acclaim.  With the support of the prestigious Paul Hamlyn Award for Composers 2018, the album was then recorded in 2019, and fully completed by March 2020. The upcoming studio album, Umbelliferæ will be released in Spring 2024. Kate is also known for her work with Songs of Separation, Eliza Carthy MBE and Kathryn Tickell.

“Umbelliferæ is a slow-burning masterpiece of intricately woven heartfelt creations. With folk flavors, rich layered acoustic production, and effortless vocals makes for a captivating listen from start to finish.”

Becca Stevens 

“Kate Young creates such an utterly unique world, I’d never heard this before, you’ve never heard this before either. Only a musician who can find the thing about themselves nobody else has can achieve such a feat. Kate is unequivocally one of those extraordinary people”  

Martin Green (Lau)

“A bold and beautiful piece of work – the music on this record feels otherworldly. Kate’s extraordinary voice draws you in, and a courageous musical approach give this album real character and style. Captivating.”

Julie Fowlis

A Selection of Past Performances  

Pianodrome Theatre (Edinburgh Fringe) – August 2022

Floating Castle Festival, Slovenia – August 2022

King’s Place, London – February 2020  

Pianodrome Theatre (Edinburgh Fringe) – August 2019  

Theatre Royal, Dumfries – June 2018  

Cambridge Folk Festival, Stage 2 – August 2017  

Midsommar Festival Skansen, Stockholm – June 2017  

Umefolk, Umeå – February 2016  

Celtic Connections, Glasgow – January 2016  

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